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Change of editor

Dear CLNT reader,

Four years ago initially CLNT was started by Anita Chan and Diana Beaumont. Anita Chan is an academic researcher and labor rights advocate formally affiliated with the Australian National University. Two years ago she took up employment at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Diana Beaumont previously worked with labor rights NGOs Shenzhen and in Hong Kong, and currently presents two industrial relations programs on community radio in Melbourne.

The original intention of CLNT was to directly convey to a non-Chinese speaking readership how Chinese labor issues were being portrayed and debated inside China, instead of providing only commentary filtered through outsiders’ interpretation. Each CLNT issue carried an introduction with the editorial team’s interpretation of a selected event, but we have always endeavoured to offer comments substantiated by the translated Chinese text. In the past four years we feel that we have partly accomplished our mission, and the international labour movement has begun to view China’s labour issues with a more nuanced perspective. But due to other commitments, Anita and Diana have decided to pass the baton to a new editorial team.

We are pleased to announce that Kevin Lin will assume the role of CLNT’s new editor. Kevin has been involved with CLNT since 2009. Kevin is a postgraduate researcher on Chinese labor politics.

CLNT is only possible because of our team of volunteer translators. We would like to thank all our translators, and acknowledge their key role in keeping CLNT up and running, now and into the future.

We hope you have found CLNT useful over the last four years. Please keep reading, and keep in touch with the CLNT at .


Kevin Lin, Anita Chan and Diana Beaumont

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