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China Labor News Translations is a free collection of English translations of Chinese-language reports, commentaries and blogs on labor issues. These materials are chosen from amongst the most informative and significant mainland Chinese media reports, academic publications, activist writings, internet discussions and so on. New translations are posted monthly.

Currently, most English material on Chinese labor is written by former Chinese labor activists now residing outside China, the foreign media, or foreign scholars, NGOs, trade unions and the like, each from their own specific perspectives. It is our hope that these translations will give English language readers access to some perspectives from inside China, and help build a more nuanced understanding of how Chinese labor issues are being conceptualised, understood and discussed in Chinese public forums.

Translations are grouped thematically, accompanied by an introduction which explains the background and significance of the selected articles.

This project was initiated by Anita Chan, an academic researcher and a labor rights advocate at the Australian National University. The project is run by a small group of volunteer researchers, worker and union activists, and translators.

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